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As an Exercise Physiologist I am always
looking for novel ways to improve my
own physical ability and knowledge of
the human condition,
to then pass these teachings onward.
It is approaching two and a half years
since I was recruited by Shihan Peter
to learn from his and Shihan Wayne’s
Goju teachings. 

Shihan Peter is unconditionally focused
on working our basics and fundamentals.

Shihan Wayne opens our eyes
to the applications in Bunkai self-defence.

Their work compliments one another
extremely well.
Thus far for everything else our learnings
are outsourced to other masters
in striking, takedowns,
and strength & conditioning.

We then bring our external learnings
back to our dojo training.

Over these years, with the introduction
of Covid into our lives,
we have trained in multiple
locations each with their own
differences towards our trainings.

However, our training has always
come back to a core component of
improving physical function (through
targeted lifestyle and health
education, movement instruction,
and movement application).

We have also been fortunate enough
to have access to online learning
hubs and seminars with other
Goju practitioners within Australia (SWGKA),
as well as internationally from Japan,
which either reinforces our current
learnings or provides additional
previously unknown information.

Between all internal and out-sourced
learnings, one overview
I have noticed is that all masters are
independently explaining and
demonstrating in very similar ways.
This consistency provides me with
a level of trust in my teachers. 

The journey so far has yielded
extremely positive results in
my martial arts life, as well as many
other aspects of personal life.
I am extremely grateful for all
that has been passed down.

Alex Kovats


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Sydney city IKO dojo