Sydney city IKO dojo

Sydney city IKO dojo

I have really enjoyed my training with
Shihan Peter and Shihan Wayne!

Shihan Peter focuses intensively on our
movement and posture.
He guides us to learn about our health and
how to become a martial arts athlete by
sending us to boxing coaching
for our striking,
judo coaching for takedowns and
doing Hojo Undo work for increasing
strength at the gymnasium.

Last year during lock down, Shihan showed us
how to do flexibility work through intensive
Yoga at the beach and including a ballet style rail
which is 140cm high and Pilates work for
our Tanden and transverse abdominals.

I am now able to do these components of
exercise in my daily routine and to
improve my overall mobility whilst at home.

During our sessions at the dojo,
Shihan’s instructions are accompanied with
explanations from an international
sports team sports doctor and an exercise

They can explain the intent of the
stances or techniques. The exercise
physiologist  can also explain why the body
isn’t able to deliver the techniques and
what exercises can activate certain
muscles so as to be able to perform
the technique correctly.

Shihan Wayne observes our Kihon
and shows us self defence techniques
from Bunkai applications.

Shihan Steve in WA shares with us
their associations Kihon applications.
In addition he assesses us online and provides
feedback which has seen dramatic
improvement across Goju fundamentals.

I have learned so much in the last 2 years.
I’m very excited for what I will
learn in the coming years!

Geoff Mourade


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