I m gonna start with the obvious :
The I.K.O. Goju – ryu group’s leader
is Hanshi Mauro Cancellieri , IXdan.

Let’s going on with the unobvious :
Hanshi Cancellieri is a real sensei ,
whateaver it means.

Every single lesson is an amazing opportunity
to getting acquainted with
precious knowledge, expecially about the
“real meaning” of performing a bunkai ,
a kata or a kihon in several ways and
what can be hidden even behind a
very simple (apparently) technique.

With dedication , patience and love
he has been teaching our group for
many years ;
every single lesson takes about an
hour and an half (often we continue
until clock turns about 2 hours).

So , after a quick warm up ,
Hanshi Cancellieri takes the reins
and he’s about to split lesson :
we perform kihon , kata and kumite ,
we study bunkais and their
applications , or cooperating
amoung us in gyakusoku kumite.

Every move , every breath ,
every single techinque
performed is checked and enhanced
with physical and theorical
explenations , as even lower grades
can be educated for a 360 degrees
comprehension about what they are

Hanshi Cancellieri reached to create
a living surrounding in which
everyone can share his knowledge
helping each other.

Beyond all the hard stages he had
to compare with , Hanshi Cancellieri
has succeded in leading I.K.O. Italy
getting known by very important
nations like Japan , Australia , Germany ,
China (list surely will grow)and earning
the respect of their heading leaders.

As the whole world ,
even I.K.O. Italy has confronted with
Covid 19’desease in order to being
forced to close dojo by October 2020 ;
luckly , by very few days
we re gonna to start again ,
stronger than ever , with the
greatest will about keep carrying
on (and improving , of course) the
“I.K.O.” , as a family concept,
cooperating with the other I.K.O’s
international “families”.

Best regard.

An honorated pupil of Hanshi Cancellieri
Shihan Lombardi Mirko
An honoured pupil of Hanshi Cancellier


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