IKO Goju Germany Munich

IKO Goju Germany Munich

It’s been a year since we were honoured to start
practicing with Shihan Richard here in Munich.
Training takes place three times a week, two hours
session, one session is dedicated to Kata,
two sessions are dedicated to Kihon,
build up to Sparring, Tsuki, Geri and combinations.

Beside of brushing our techniques and teaching us new ones,
we are grateful to mister Richard for unselfish
sharing with us his own experience from his Kumite,
showing us and guiding us in different tactics
and applications of many techniques,
developing real Karate mentality, and beside of all,
on patience to work on improving our skills
by teaching us some small details which are
making difference between proper
and useless technique.
Sometimes difference is like difference of drinking
water from the mountain source and drinking
water from the river far away from that source.

Our improvement is obvious.
Now, on body conditioning we can do more exercises,
on Kumite we have less bruisers and blue eyes,
although it is still happening from time to time.
We hope that in future, our organisation will
continue to grow.

On breaks on training, or after it, Shihan is often
showing us beauty of Japanese culture and history,
and also history and traditions of Goju Ryu
which are very valuable for us for understanding
of mentality of Karate.
It seems that eagerness from learning and
practicing is again awaken in us as when we first
time dressed up Karate gi as kids.

Unfortunately, this situation with covid 19 brings
some limitations in training and traveling.
Hopefully, when it allows, we would gladly
come with Shihan Richard to Italy and or Japan
to meet Grand Master Yamamoto and other
respected members of IKO Goju Ryu.

Abdenour and Mirko

Abdenour,  Richard SHIHAN,  Mirko


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